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Stained Glass Artist

“My stained glass is designed to enrich the emotional experience of the viewer.

I am interested in ideas. My stained glass is the result of thoughtful dedication as I explore less obvious ways to approach a design.

My stained glass explores a use of an iconography, influenced by nature, combined with our deep-seated human need of ornamentation and decoration.   I seek to marry harmony with visual stimulation.   I seek to enhance, uplift and delight.   I seek to create visual sanctuaries of respite from the stressful, chaotic world of today.   I am fascinated by the idea of a ‘universal visual harmony’ and how it invokes feelings of positivity and well-being in the viewer.   There is no formula for creating visual harmony and I am constantly seeking and exploring new solutions”.   



JUDE is a dedicated and passionate stained glass artist.  She has a wealth of experience in designing and making architectural stained glass.  She has been practising professionally for over 30 years, establishing her first independent stained glass studio in London in 1988. Since then she has created innumerable contemporary and period-influenced pieces in the distinctive, refreshing and vivid style that makes her stained glass truly special.

Specializing in working to commission, her strength lies in her ability to embrace her clients brief and bring to it a creative originality that invariably results in the finished work far exceeding her clients expectations.

Her style is profoundly influenced by the great Modernist artists and makers. She offers her clients imaginative, bold stained glass designed to uplift, excite and inspire.

Jude continues to produce quality stained glass. Drawing on a huge variety of both mouth-blown, machine-made and fused glass techniques, Jude juxtaposes textures, tones, light and colour to demonstrate a rare talent that makes all her stained glass a visual delight.

Jude is a member of the Contemporary Glass Society CGS and the Heritage Crafts Association HCA.


GEOFF SIMPSON is a senior partner who worked with Jude for over 20 years.

NICK PERISTIANI is a valued and dedicated member of our team. He assists in the studio as well as skillfully installing our projects.