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Glass Courses
Glass Courses
Glass Courses

Loved every minute of it and could easily have stayed for another two days! Jude let’s you freestyle as much as you want while providing the inspiration and the help on techniques.

It feels so creative yet very accessible. I left with lots of pieces I’m turning in to jewellery.

E. Norris

Highly recommend. The 2 days flew by and I already wish I could do more! One thing of particular note – I was so impressed by how Jude allowed us to stay way past the workshop completion time just so that we each had something 100% complete and marvellous to take home with us. For me it’s a great indication of the caring and passionate artist and teacher that she is. Thanks Jude!

L. Payne

I really enjoyed my weekend making stained glass. It was hard work but very rewarding and I loved learning something new. My glass looks lovely hanging in front of our windows with the sunlight streaming through it. Thank you for a brilliant experience.

H. Budd

Attended the weekend course as a complete beginner. Jude was an excellent tutor with precise guidance and with a small class rapid progress was made. She was also willing to extend the day as necessary to ensure that our piece was finished properly. Essentially the course delivered all that it promised and has given me the confidence to carry on .

I. Tahir

I attended Jude’s introduction to stained glass course along with my 19 yr old daughter and three other novices. It was a fantastic weekend and we both came away with completed leaded panels, feeling very proud, and with a greater appreciation of the art form. Jude is an inspiring, passionate and patient teacher. It was a pleasure to spend the weekend in her fabulous workshop. I would highly recommend the experience.


My second course with Jude Stark and again it was excellent. The preparations and course materials were well thought out prepared and presented. The content for beginners at stained glass work were a sensible standard and well presented. Jude’s experience and knowledge of her subject gave us a great insight into the history of glass and stained glass window making which made the course even more enjoyable. Jude’s enthusiasm for her craft and her ease of communication brings out the best in all her pupils to ensure that they make the most of the 2 days by completing a most rewarding stained glass panel.

I. Crawford

Jude’s encouragement and guidance throughout the course were great. She is very knowledgeable and skilled not only in the art of stained glass but also in teaching. Jude provided us with demonstrations, constant feedback and plenty of very useful information. 
We could choose from a variety of materials and tools to accomplish our task. And, at the end, I was very happy with the lovely stained glass panel I was able to make with Jude’s support.
I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in stained glass making whether they are starting out like me or want to learn something new. Jude also offers longer more advanced courses and teaches other techniques such as fusing.

S. Lallement

I had a really really lovely weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it and am so glad i finally done this weekend course as i had waited all year to complete it. I am also glad I chose to do this course with Jude, as not only is she very skilled and amazing at what she does – but she was also very down to earth to talk to and good at teaching us since we was complete amateur! She has a lovely energy and I really can’t wait to come back and do the longer more intense stained glass to complete a much larger piece!

L. M. Denny

This was an excellent 2 day course that gave an opportunity to carry out every stage in making a stained glass panel. 
Jude explained everything very clearly and was on hand to help as people needed. Jude has a vast breath of knowledge and gave a very good insight into the wider world of stained glass. 
All the materials and tools were provided for the course and there was plenty of advice on selecting glass textures and colours. So all you need to bring along is yourself.
It was a fabulous course and I now have my own hand made piece of stained glass hanging in my kitchen. I would definitely recommend this course to others. I would like to do more courses with Jude in the future.

D. Farrell

It was a fantastic weekend, challenging and surprisingly hard work! I was a complete beginner, never having done anything like that before but Jude structures everything so you get enough time and practice at each stage. Would recommend to anyone.

E. Norris

As a taster, this condensed w/end course was very good. Jude was ever helpful, informing & patient – allowing us as long as it took to complete a generous sized product. I have already spread the word!

R. Svardal

Jude demonstrated different glass fusing techniques that we later practised. She encouraged imagination and experimentation in a guided and supported environment. I learnt a great deal from her knowledge and from her approach. I would thoroughly recommend Jude’s glass fusion courses.

M. Mansfield

What a fabulous chance to make something that requires specialised tools and a great deal of skill. I loved making it from scratch and really appreciate the workmanship involved. Jude was excellent at explaining everything.

K. Cselko

A really challenging weekend but learnt such a great deal. Was amazed at what we achieved, Jude was both encouraging and exacting, which enabled us to learn and create our own pieces. Will definitely want to do it again. A wonderful way to explore glass, a dollop of history and hugely practical. Highly recommend the weekend.

S. Sanbrook-Davies

I really enjoyed this course! The teacher is extremely knowledgeable. She also has a wonderful array of work on display to show what can be done with this beautiful material.

T. Hughes

The course was very comprehensive , interactive and interesting. I refreshed my knowledge in glass fusing and the whole experience was very pleasant. Jude is a great teacher, very attentive and full of positive energy. Definitely will recommend to anyone who ever wanted to learn about the glass.

N. Elkina

I found the course very enjoyable. Jude has great knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for glass processes. I learned an enormous amount from her in a very short space of time. I had a particular requirement from the course to learn how to make glass panels for a woodwork project I am currently engaged in. Jude was enthusiastic to help me fulfill my needs and as a result of what I learned during the course I am now in the process of making those panels with her continued help. Something that I never anticipated would result directly from this course. The Course provides all the materials and tools needed to learn and experiment with glass fusion techniques and enables the participant to take home the results of his/her work at the end of the second day. From my perspective an invaluable course representing great value. Thanks Jude

I. Crawford

Loved the course – a fabulously relaxing way to spend a weekend! Jude’s studio is a lovely creative space – so much to look at and to be inspired by. I enjoyed the experience and learned lots in a short space of time. Jude is passionate about her craft, a patient teacher and importantly, makes a great cup of coffee : ) I’d certainly recommend this course.

M. Gillman

This has been a fantastic course to do, Jude is very passionate about her work , and has a wealth of experience in all aspects of glass work. this is a great course to do , Jude is a very good teacher who guides you expertly into this very interesting craft.

P. Ryder

I spent a very enjoyable two days learning all about the art of glass fusion in a lovely spacious studio in Vanguard Court ( also home to many local artist and studios in south London). 

The course is well structured, initially introducing technical information and a range of techniques for working in glass. We were then able to practice and experiment with test pieces on the first day. On the second day we built on these ideas and were able to complete our finished pieces ready for the kiln. I feel I was introduced to many design ideas that I could develop in the future. 

Jude is a an accomplished artist and enthusiastic teacher. Her own work is very interesting and is displayed in the studio. All in all, very enjoyable and highly recommended.

L. Allardyce

As a complete beginner I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend. Learning enough foundation skills to give me the confidence to have a go myself. Who knows where it will lead.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone thinking of trying this creative skill out.
I would also be interested in attending further courses nearing Christmas in the hope that my gifts this year would have the personel touch.

K. Adams

I loved this course! I wasn’t expecting to come away with such a complex piece of work, and was thrilled at how much time Jude spent with us. She is a patient and thorough teacher, and the two days passed by in a flash.

H. Shafran

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